Topic Identification

I felt like I was playing a game of Minecraft this week while I was setting up my Blog. This was a new experience for me and I felt overwhelmed throughout the entire process. At the end of the week I was able to post my first Blog and skim the surface of setting it up but it took collaborating with a few colleagues (although they don’t blog they thought they would have important words of wisdom). I also watched some U tube video’s and Aaron’s video on Blogging. Now I have began building a Blog that I will continue to improve on throughout this course and use in the future.
A main topic for me would be staying up with the rapid change of digital technology. The hardware and software of technology that is available as educational tools is changing everyday, so keeping up with technology is constant and overwhelming.
I am excited to learn more in the digital world for all of my 3 curriculum areas that I am teaching this year. There are Web applications that I would like to incorporate into my classes. I always look forward to collaborating and sharing ideas with others teachers face to face but their isn’t always enough time in a day, so online tools and Web applications are a perfect place to do this. I have been successful with a few educational tools such as symbaloo and Padlet and skimmed the surface with globster, powtoons and looked at other peoples Blogs in other TL courses. I would also like to become more knowledgeable in video and image publishing so that I could also integrate this in my classes.
Regardless of the topic that I have experimented with or the latest technology, I want to make sure the tools have the proper boundaries for a safe learning environment. Education is becoming more self-directed and inquiry based but we as educators should still be their to guide them. The shape of that seems to be moving into a digital learning environment classroom or virtual learning commons and I for one want to try to stay close to or ahead of my student learners.
Another topic that has peeked my interest throughout my library courses is Makerspace. I am not a TL at this time but have taught Science for numerous years. I can see Makerspace being a great addition to any LC so that students can incorporate inquiry, creativity and design while getting hands-on experience. I have already converted some Science lessons into inquiry lessons so my vision in the future is collaborating with the TL and using the Makerspace in the LC instead of my classroom to finish the inquiry project.


One thought on “Topic Identification

  1. Well done! A good blog post reflecting on your experiences and learning so far, where you would like to go next and some ideas on how to get there! Your positive perspective and realistic expectations will go a long way to ensuring mastery. Lots of good research out there about virtual learning commons and makerspaces. I look forward to following along this adventure!


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