Reading Review #2: Literature Research and Data Collection

Since I first started my TL courses and became aware of makerspace it has become a key interest for me, so I began a few inquiry projects incorporating makerspace in my classroom. I would love to see makerspace become a part of our LC in the future but for now I will pursue it in my classroom. I think it gives incredible hands on experience for students of all ages to create, analyze, develop and construct there own creation. I find that this style of inquiry engages student learning throughout the entire project.
One article “Creating a Classroom Makerspace” by Rivas, discusses makerspace for all ages, including the abstract of it and what makerspace is. Rivas has great points but I found that the most intriguing part of the article was at the end when it talked about “Creating a classroom makerspace.” I appreciated this because I think that if a LC doesn’t have a makerspace then one can be incorporated into your classroom.
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Another resource supporting the importance of Makerspace by Colgrove that I enjoyed was “Editorial Board Thoughts: Libraries as Makerspace?” This article gives an overview of the landscape of makerspace and revitalizes the library as a center of learning. I was especially intrigued with the term “hackerspace” that focuses more on computers and technology.
One of my more recent curiosities that were discussed in my last course was the availability of a virtual learning commons. It is important to have a powerful website for students to have open access to databases, resources, links, access to information literacy anytime and anywhere.
Kirkland’s article (2011) was motivating and re-established my own belief of the importance of having open access to students and teachers at all times.  “The library should be somewhere and everywhere: real physical locations as well as ubiquitous access” (Pg. 4). The students should be able to go to the library website and have the help or information that they need for the assigned research project at home or in the library. Having OPAC, other databases or other library links available for them is vital for their learning and education. This link shows a good look at a powerful LC website:
I enjoyed Loertsher’s article (2008) and I hope that I can share and collaborate with my TL to help support the “flip” towards the digital collection of our library. As Loertsher’s article (2008) states; “The Learning Commons virtual is both a giant ongoing conversation and a warehouse of digital material from e-books to databases to student-generated content”. I like the idea connecting more with the latest learners and teachers to work for everyone’s advantage around the clock. I love the idea of working towards having a dynamic digital and physical LC and believe that it would have a huge impact on the LC becoming the heart of the school.
Some educational tools that I enjoy using:
Symbaloo, this has my bookmarks for the references to this blog.
Padlet would allow me to collaborate about Virtual Learning commons and Makerspace.
Kirkland, A. B. (2012). School Library Websites: The Bricks and Mortar of the Virtual Library Space.
Colgrove, Tod. (2013). Editorial Board Thoughts: Libraries as Makerspace?
Loertscher, D. (2008). Flip this library: School libraries need a revolution. School Library Journal, 54(11), 46-48.
Rivas, L. (2015). Creating a Classroom Makerspace

One thought on “Reading Review #2: Literature Research and Data Collection

  1. A good overview of your research journey thus far. You’ve identified some of your key hits and big takeaways from your searches and your keywords that have proved fruitful. You have also provided some links and connections to multi-media resources and technology tools that will also assist you in evolving and developing your program in new digital spaces and roles. Overall, a strong mid-point checkin for your research quest!


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