Time for Reflection

I am now a Blogger!blog This is a key takeaway from Phase 2. I have confidence in blogging for my own personal/professional use as well as gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and resources from my colleagues blog’s. I can see how using a blog in the learning commons is an amazing tool for connections everywhere.  Thanks everyone for sharing!

When it came to Fostering Reading Cultures in Schools there were many ideas shared in the class blog that I could see using in the future. Throughout the posts in this module, collaboration was a common term. This site gives great steps to better school/community collaboration. To be able to share ideas like good books, popular books, ways to get students engaged in reading and ways to make reading fun. Encourage reading for pleasure as it builds enjoyment and skills for lifelong reading and learning. This was a common theme throughout this module.

My personal learning was tested through developing my own ICT skills in building my blog, to starting a website for my classroom. I realize how powerful a website can be if it is resourceful, virtual and available for everyone anytime, anywhere. It is important to develop a PLN to collaborate, communicate with librarians, teachers, locally and globally to develop your classroom or your library. I can see myself utilizes my PLN through a blog or website in the future. This is a new avenue I wish to explore more in the future.

Collaboration comes to mind again when embracing ICT strategies for the classroom or Learning Commons. “Collaboration in its simplest, and most understandable form, is getting individuals, who may or may not have similar interests, to work together in an organized endeavor to a satisfying and most appropriate group end”. (Royal, 2014). A colleague in our discussion group shared a solution to the lack of collaboration time that she faced in her school and that was to share a Google Drive folder where teachers and TL’s could collaborate in any time. She also shared an edutopia site on collaboration that I will bookmark on my home symbaloo account for others to use.

In the near future I want be able to organize professional development options to my staff to share resources and educational tools such as; symbaloo, padlet, powtoons, blogging and twitter that I have acquired in my TL courses. It is funny how quickly people think you have become the expert in this tools. This could be shared in my classroom, a staff meeting or a Pro-D situation. I am hoping that our current TL will be open to me sharing many of the ideas that I have collected from my collegues and apply them into our learning commons.

Module 8:Developing World Libraries was a big eye-opener and heart felt for me. There are so many organizations that help develop libraries, classrooms and technology and it is amazing how we are working together to improve our connections to the world. I read and researched for hours during that week, becoming completely engaged with organizations that have a passion for bringing wifi, technology and devices to developing countries.

Collaboration and Connection continues to resonate throughout my learning! They work together I will continue to develop and use these areas in my professional career.


tpack_300pxThe TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) framework lays out the knowledge that educators need in order to successfully integrate technology into their teaching. The TPACK website provides a large collection of free resources for teachers and other instructional leaders.The diagram identifies the knowledge teachers need to teach effectively with technology.

Image from TPACK Website “Reproduced by permission of the publisher, © 2012 by tpack.org”

To be a 21st century teacher you need to stay up with technology and have the ability to connect, collaborate with others colleagues and students. We all know that technology is changing at a rapid pace everyday so we need to embrace it, share it and move forward with it together.


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5 thoughts on “Time for Reflection

  1. Well done post! A passionate reflection on your experiences and key learning over the last phase. You’ve done a great job highlighting your new tools, understandings, models, resources and pedagogy as you continue along this learning path. Your new abilities will serve you and your colleagues very well in the future and you just need to stay a little bit ahead of everyone else to help lead the way. Good tagging, blogging and embedding!

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  2. Great post! Sounds like we both had similar learning we took from this phase of the course – collaboration is key! I really liked the Edutopia article, specifically about community collaboration. I agree it is so important. My school is designated as a community school and as such we often have different individuals and groups/organization helping out at the school.
    I also would like to facilitate some Pro D with my staff one day – I agree with you the we have the potential to master some of these tools (Twitter etc) and share with our staff. I always thought I would have to know so much more about digital technology in order to share but now I see that even teaching something simple – such as how Twitter can be used a professional resource would actually be quite doable! Thanks for sharing..


  3. Very informative post! Reflection on learning is always so powerful.

    Collaboration is so important in our schools. Our learning culture improves when we ALL (staff, students and parents) work together towards a common goal. Collaboration with others can also strengthen our PLN (locally, district-wide, or globally). I love being able to learn from anyone, at any time, on Twitter.

    Thanks for sharing the TPACK framework. I will definitely be sharing that with others.


  4. Hi Kerrie,
    I really appreciate your reflection in blogging and noting that we are at different levels of engagement with technology and its tools. I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to move my post to the right ‘parent’ page. It is something we need to acknowledge that requires time and guidance.


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