Sharing My Journey

I want to challenge myself with developing my website to the point of perfection…then I will take a breath and realize my journey to improve and develop the learning commons website will continue even after this class is over. Vision-Of-Future-Library-And-Information-Systems-1531182An important vision for  this website is to build connection, resource and to become a useful informational tool that can be useful for my people now and in the future.


I have 5 categories that I want to share on my website but I must admit that collaboration corner and technology are the 2 categories I get excited about working on the most. Having a collaboration corner that colleagues at my school or teachers around the world can connect with will be extremely useful. I have learned a great deal from my colleagues blogs in this course and that I incorporate similar sharing and unlimited connections everywhere. I look forward to the website having the ability for teachers in my school to connect with teachers around the globe to share projects, thoughts, strategies, tool etc. I think this would be amazing! I am trying to incorporate an educational blog 21cllogoand padlet into this website category. Check out a collaborative padlet from one of my previous classes. I want to get teachers engaged in the collaboration corner so that they can share ideas, gain strategies,resources and educational tool for their classroom. This could be a powerful opportunity!

The technology category has endless possibilities so I need to narrow the sub-categories down. I look forward to sharing some of my ideas on the website that would be helpful for classroom teachers or  teacher librarians. I could also use this as a place to share a Web 2.0 tool, the latest TedTalk video

I hope to do my own screen cast tutorial and show off  production using the 3D printer in the makerspace area of the learning commons.

This journey of building a website has not had its struggles.Human-Error-and-Computers From picking a theme and making sure every box is checked properly so that categories look the way you want them to look or menus and widgets lined up and connected accordingly. I find that I will put a check in one box that I think is the right box, preview the post and what I thought should be there has vanished. I have walked away a few times L and come back with a better demeanor J. This has happened a few times (or a few too many times) but I continue to build and construct. Thank goodness that I can continue to use YouTube to help me through my struggles anytime. I do feel that you are only able to do so much with the free version of wordpress and I am not willing to pay for more at this time. Who knows…perhaps the premium version would be even more complicated. My goal is to keep the website manageable and accessible for teachers in a simple but meaningful direction.

I look forward to the end product and sharing it with you.


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3 thoughts on “Sharing My Journey

  1. A good post with some of the technological considerations, challenges and perseverance! This is the meat of inquiry, forcing yourself out of the comfort zone and to stick with your tools despite everything not working as expected. You have a great platform and the free wordpress should be fine for now, but later, if your site is well used and you want to expand, perhaps there will be an opportunity to go premium. Overall, a good reflective piece on your experiences implementing your vision.


  2. Technology can be very frustrating at times and I agree, it’s best to just walk away and breath. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your Screencast of the 3-D printer. I hope to someday have the opportunity to work with one.

    Collaboration is definitely one of the most exciting parts of being an educator. I think that is why so many of us love Twitter – it gives us the opportunity to share and to connect with teachers around the world. Yesterday, our staff was discussing assessment and the best part of the day was collaborating to create skits demonstrating assessment for, as and of learning. We don’t get the opportunity to spend enough time with our colleagues collaborating on projects.

    I look forward to seeing your final project.


  3. Andrea

    Hi Kerrie,

    I too struggle with the pay-not-to-pay question. I have yet to see a detailed breakdown of the differences. Part of me keeps wondering what I am missing out on being able to do, but the other part of me is reluctant to start paying a monthly fee for the foreseeable future. It is remarkable what the free web building sites really do let you accomplish! I also think that the limitations of any host can be beneficial in that they impose at least some restriction on the limitless potential of web creation.

    I loved seeing the Padlet in action. Thank you! I am also taking a course on Collaborative Planning at Vancouver Island University at the moment, and I have been pondering how to support collaboration online. Our textbook, Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals, has a number of suggestions for e-partnerships. A couple of teacher blogging options that I plan to explore include:

    We do have so little time, and I think your motivation to include the collaboration corner on your website is such a great way to help educators find time that works for them. I am looking forward to learning with you. Hopefully, I can borrow some of your ideas in the future…



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