Final reflection and project

This class was one of the most valuable courses that I have taken in my teacher-librarian classes. I don’t know for sure what my future is in the learning commons but I will be able to use many of the ideas, strategies and tools that I have learned in my classroom.

The biggest challenge for me is always keeping up with the rapid change in technology. This course has allowed me to take advantage of any of the tools and technology that I had engaged in before on a surface level to a deeper understanding. It has allowed me to go outside my somewhat timid boundaries when it comes to technology to feel stronger in sharing them. When I first saw that I had to make it through 8 or more blog post I became very nervous and stressed. The first weekend of trying to figure out my way around wordpress just about put me under. Through time and patience I have come to a new appreciation and positive understanding of blogging.

I am excited to utilize what I consider to be useful and fun Web 2.0 applications within my lessons and possibly down the road in the learning commons. Those include “Twitter”, “Padlet”, “Symbaloo” to name a few and others that I hope to pursue in the future. I have seen how some of my colleagues in this class have utilized other Web 2.0 tools and I look forward to experimenting with them myself. I do believe that I will continue to learn a ton from my students as many of them are more competent that myself with some of these tools and computers.

LIBE 477 that Aaron put together was outstanding and I feel that my colleagues did an amazing job with their blog posts. There were so many great ideas and concepts that were shared and explored. I think we were all a little nervous when we got started but were eager to discover new and creative ideas that would help their classroom or learning commons. I wish everyone the best in their future teaching career.

In conclusion

My final vision project was a lot of trial and error. I felt I would take a step forward at moment and 2 steps back. There is so much information on the web that it sometimes gets overwhelming what to incorporate and what to disregard. There is no denying that the future of education is going to be involvedly linked with the digital world. The philosophy of education itself is going through a transformation as we change to ‘personalized learning’ and a reformat in the way that education is delivered. The libraries are changing to learning commons and Web 2.0 tools along with ICT skills are becoming a method teachers are using in the classroom. I want to keep up with what is going on so that I can continue to become a better educator.

Thanks again everyone for your blogs or the comments on my blog, the participation in Google Hang-Out sessions and the great course.

Here is my FINAL PROJECT. Enjoy!


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Sharing My Journey

I want to challenge myself with developing my website to the point of perfection…then I will take a breath and realize my journey to improve and develop the learning commons website will continue even after this class is over. Vision-Of-Future-Library-And-Information-Systems-1531182An important vision for  this website is to build connection, resource and to become a useful informational tool that can be useful for my people now and in the future.


I have 5 categories that I want to share on my website but I must admit that collaboration corner and technology are the 2 categories I get excited about working on the most. Having a collaboration corner that colleagues at my school or teachers around the world can connect with will be extremely useful. I have learned a great deal from my colleagues blogs in this course and that I incorporate similar sharing and unlimited connections everywhere. I look forward to the website having the ability for teachers in my school to connect with teachers around the globe to share projects, thoughts, strategies, tool etc. I think this would be amazing! I am trying to incorporate an educational blog 21cllogoand padlet into this website category. Check out a collaborative padlet from one of my previous classes. I want to get teachers engaged in the collaboration corner so that they can share ideas, gain strategies,resources and educational tool for their classroom. This could be a powerful opportunity!

The technology category has endless possibilities so I need to narrow the sub-categories down. I look forward to sharing some of my ideas on the website that would be helpful for classroom teachers or  teacher librarians. I could also use this as a place to share a Web 2.0 tool, the latest TedTalk video

I hope to do my own screen cast tutorial and show off  production using the 3D printer in the makerspace area of the learning commons.

This journey of building a website has not had its struggles.Human-Error-and-Computers From picking a theme and making sure every box is checked properly so that categories look the way you want them to look or menus and widgets lined up and connected accordingly. I find that I will put a check in one box that I think is the right box, preview the post and what I thought should be there has vanished. I have walked away a few times L and come back with a better demeanor J. This has happened a few times (or a few too many times) but I continue to build and construct. Thank goodness that I can continue to use YouTube to help me through my struggles anytime. I do feel that you are only able to do so much with the free version of wordpress and I am not willing to pay for more at this time. Who knows…perhaps the premium version would be even more complicated. My goal is to keep the website manageable and accessible for teachers in a simple but meaningful direction.

I look forward to the end product and sharing it with you.


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My Final Vision Journey!

Throughout this course my eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities of connecting to the world. I had this boxed in mentality that the effort I was doing in my classroom was only for my students and colleagues. NOW…we can connect and share globally!!!
Image via


Who is this Vision for? 

My vision for this project is to develop a Learning Commons website for my school, but as I continue to build the site, I want to have limitless connection to the world. I need to get this website up and running so that students, teachers, parents and staff can navigate around and find information they need regarding books, research, activities, collaboration and technology. I want to have the ability to post pictures and ideas of what is happening in the LC Makerspace and display what students are creating on our 3-D printer. My school community would be my first target audience.

What is my rationale?? The website rationale is that it is a source of information to my school community; this would include students, parents, teachers and staff. I want the website to be an accurate and complete picture of what the Learning Commons can offer. When people connect to my website I want the  home page to be vibrant and exciting! Other pages need to be informative and fill the needs of the school community. To support this rational I have set up a few goals for the Learning Commons website because it is important to meet the NEEDS our school community.

Some goals are:

  1. Provide support and enhance student learning, reading, writing and use of technology.
  2. To foster and encourage a love of books and reading.
  3. The website should be a site where teachers and teacher-librarians can collaborate with each other for inquiry projects, Web 2.0 tools and a resource in developing and assessing new learning tools, strategies and pedagogical approaches.
  4. I want the website to serve as a resource that students and teachers use as a tool for learning!!!
  5. My end goal is to build a LC virtual website that is a communication and information link to anyone at anytime. I want to be able to collaborate and connect 24/7! 


I have a clear idea and good direction of what I want to do but I am still working out the final details of the website. I have some great ideas for pages but I have been slow at building it…picking a theme can be overwhelming alone!! This link shows that the title and site and that’s my beginning! There is a vision in my head and some thoughts down on paper but still have tons of creative work to do.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.35.28 PM


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Final Vision Project Scope

Final phase of LIBE 477 – What to do? What to do? What to do?

Throughout this course I have encountered numerous ideas, new technology and amazing concepts.  With all of this acquired knowledge, the question is: What is my Vision of the Future? In the reflection blog last week, we had to state what resonated throughout Phase 2 and what I will  be able to use in the future. Collaboration and Connection are the key takeaways helped me decide what I am going to do. I am going to use the skills that I have acquired in this and other TL courses to build a website.


So…in this blog I am going to “think-out-loud” in order to consider what the “scope” will be of my final vision project. I am not a TL at this time (there could be opportunity for me down the road) so I am going to build a website that I can share with my TL and staff for now. In the future, I want my website to have the ability to connect to anyone, anywhere at anytime. The website will have the necessary information for the LC, but I also want to integrate technology, and showcase my library Makerspace.Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.20.41 PM

Although I am in the brainstorming phase of the website, I feel somewhat overwhelmed with what I want to develop within the website. I can see exploring information by using different pages within the website with dropdown menu’s.

Ideas for pages: 

Home – The home page needs to be attractive so that it intrigues the audience to explore and navigate their way through other pages of the website. The home page would offer information on what is happening in the LC during the week. I hope to have a twitter option link to the home page

Books – Destiny quest catalogue, popular books, Canada Book awards links, audio and ebooks and book blogs, for staff and students share and comment on.

Research and Resources – databases such as EBSCO host.Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.09.45 PM

Collaboration corner – not sure how this page would work but I would love to have a page to discuss and share ideas at anytime. This page would allow collaboration between TL and teachers, maybe through a Google folder or padlet. In the future I can see this becoming the page for my PLN globally.

Technology or Pro-D page – share Web 2.0 tools: start with symbaloo, padlet or other helpful videos. This could also have potential to be a place on the website for trouble shooting, technical issues or ICT skills for the TL. There are so many options here.9824718_orig

Makerspace – Makerspace has been a passion of mine since the beginning of the TL courses. There is incredible potential for inquiry based projects, critical thinking and 21st century student learning. I want to be able to showcase the LC makerspace on my website pages.


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Topic Identification

I felt like I was playing a game of Minecraft this week while I was setting up my Blog. This was a new experience for me and I felt overwhelmed throughout the entire process. At the end of the week I was able to post my first Blog and skim the surface of setting it up but it took collaborating with a few colleagues (although they don’t blog they thought they would have important words of wisdom). I also watched some U tube video’s and Aaron’s video on Blogging. Now I have began building a Blog that I will continue to improve on throughout this course and use in the future.
A main topic for me would be staying up with the rapid change of digital technology. The hardware and software of technology that is available as educational tools is changing everyday, so keeping up with technology is constant and overwhelming.
I am excited to learn more in the digital world for all of my 3 curriculum areas that I am teaching this year. There are Web applications that I would like to incorporate into my classes. I always look forward to collaborating and sharing ideas with others teachers face to face but their isn’t always enough time in a day, so online tools and Web applications are a perfect place to do this. I have been successful with a few educational tools such as symbaloo and Padlet and skimmed the surface with globster, powtoons and looked at other peoples Blogs in other TL courses. I would also like to become more knowledgeable in video and image publishing so that I could also integrate this in my classes.
Regardless of the topic that I have experimented with or the latest technology, I want to make sure the tools have the proper boundaries for a safe learning environment. Education is becoming more self-directed and inquiry based but we as educators should still be their to guide them. The shape of that seems to be moving into a digital learning environment classroom or virtual learning commons and I for one want to try to stay close to or ahead of my student learners.
Another topic that has peeked my interest throughout my library courses is Makerspace. I am not a TL at this time but have taught Science for numerous years. I can see Makerspace being a great addition to any LC so that students can incorporate inquiry, creativity and design while getting hands-on experience. I have already converted some Science lessons into inquiry lessons so my vision in the future is collaborating with the TL and using the Makerspace in the LC instead of my classroom to finish the inquiry project.