My Final Vision Journey!

Throughout this course my eyes have been opened to the endless possibilities of connecting to the world. I had this boxed in mentality that the effort I was doing in my classroom was only for my students and colleagues. NOW…we can connect and share globally!!!
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Who is this Vision for? 

My vision for this project is to develop a Learning Commons website for my school, but as I continue to build the site, I want to have limitless connection to the world. I need to get this website up and running so that students, teachers, parents and staff can navigate around and find information they need regarding books, research, activities, collaboration and technology. I want to have the ability to post pictures and ideas of what is happening in the LC Makerspace and display what students are creating on our 3-D printer. My school community would be my first target audience.

What is my rationale?? The website rationale is that it is a source of information to my school community; this would include students, parents, teachers and staff. I want the website to be an accurate and complete picture of what the Learning Commons can offer. When people connect to my website I want the  home page to be vibrant and exciting! Other pages need to be informative and fill the needs of the school community. To support this rational I have set up a few goals for the Learning Commons website because it is important to meet the NEEDS our school community.

Some goals are:

  1. Provide support and enhance student learning, reading, writing and use of technology.
  2. To foster and encourage a love of books and reading.
  3. The website should be a site where teachers and teacher-librarians can collaborate with each other for inquiry projects, Web 2.0 tools and a resource in developing and assessing new learning tools, strategies and pedagogical approaches.
  4. I want the website to serve as a resource that students and teachers use as a tool for learning!!!
  5. My end goal is to build a LC virtual website that is a communication and information link to anyone at anytime. I want to be able to collaborate and connect 24/7! 


I have a clear idea and good direction of what I want to do but I am still working out the final details of the website. I have some great ideas for pages but I have been slow at building it…picking a theme can be overwhelming alone!! This link shows that the title and site and that’s my beginning! There is a vision in my head and some thoughts down on paper but still have tons of creative work to do.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 5.35.28 PM


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3 thoughts on “My Final Vision Journey!

  1. A good review of your purpose, goals, audience and rationale. You’ve got a lot of passion and positivity emanating from your post that can’t help but be infectious. You’ve highlighted all the excellent ways your site can support others and be a resource for your school community. A great overview of your plan, a small glimpse into the site so far and a good introduction to your future goals. Overall, a great reflective post that showcases where you are going and why!


  2. Creating websites can be so overwhelming, can’t it? Sometimes I think there are far too many choices. Choices can be good, but yikes, they can be time consuming. It sounds like you have a great plan and just need some time to let it ‘percolate’ in your mind before you create. 🙂 I am so jealous that you have a 3D printer. What a great addition for a Maker Space in your library.

    I look forward to seeing your final product.


  3. Andrea

    Hi Kerrie,

    Thank you for your honest reflection. Website creation is taxing, time consuming and full of limitless potential. A piece of advice that another professor gave me last term which I have been using to guide me is to plan to have only a few pages to start. It is easier to add pages than to struggle to build content in page frameworks that are too many or unruly. I love the handwritten representation of your thinking. I too have been scribbling notes since I started, and I love to look back at what has propelled me toward my goals. Another piece of advice that I am recommending now because my website is on the fritz is to backup as you go. I build content on Google Docs and load in small increments. This can help. I am also about to try learning about how to save my Weebly site. Apparently you can. I am going to teach myself soon.

    Enjoy the creative process. I look forward to your product!


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